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A Photographic Atlas Of Selected Regions Of The Milky Way

RRP $449.99

Edward Emerson Barnard's Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way was originally published in two volumes in 1927. Together, these volumes contained a wealth of information, including photographic plates of the most interesting portions of the Milky Way, descriptive text, charts and data. Only 700 copies were printed, making the original edition a collector's item. Reproduced in print for the first time, this edition combines both volumes of Barnard's Atlas. It directly replicates Barnard's text, and contains high-resolution images of the original photographic plates and charts, reordered so that they can be seen together. It also includes a biography of Barnard and his work, a Foreword and Addendum by Gerald Orin Dobek describing the importance of the Atlas and additions to this volume, and a pull-out section with a mosaic of all 50 plates combined in a single panorama.

Computed Tomographic (ct) Imaging For Small Airways Disease

RRP $389.99

Providing a comprehensive review of CT in the assessment, diagnosis, and monitoring of SAD, Computed Tomographic (CT) Imaging for Small Airways Disease illustrates the use of CT in correlating presenting signs with pulmonary pathology. This valuable tool covers all the principle small airways diseases and other conditions with small airway involvement. The seasoned author team offers a well-illustrated review of the clinical, radiological, and pathological features of small airways disease, concentrating on the imaging features and the CT signs used to categorize SAD.

Great Graphic Design On A Budget

RRP $60.00

Great Design on a Budget is a cost-cutting primer and a source-book of ideas for creating first-rate designs on minimal budgets.

It teaches you simple tricks of the trade and reveals innovative and unexpected ways for designers to cut the costs, but not lose on the quality, of their designs. An international showcase of eye-catching and memorable campaigns all created on tight budgets shows how successful these ideas and techniques can be.

This invaluable manual will provide you with resources for free fonts and art, explain how to maximise print runs, profile inspiring ways of using recycled materials, and demonstrate dynamic alternatives to art. It even offers tips and techniques for achieving professional printing jobs in your studio.


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