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How To Build A Private Sports Instruction Business (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.

Critical Issues In Business Conduct

RRP $402.99

Designed as a convenient, clearly written, and comprehensive desktop reference for executives and managers, Critical Issues in Business Conduct addresses the legal, ethical, and social issues that will dominate business in the 1990s. Based upon a research project in which 276 of America's most successful and well managed firms actively participated, the book explores topical issues arising from the relationship between business organizations and their external constituencies - consumers, government agencies, competitors, and others - as well as those which characterize relationships between businesses and their own managers, employees, directors, and shareholders. From the impact of AIDS and problems of drug and alcohol use in the workplace to financial accounting, employee rights, and sexual harassment, this unique resource provides both detailed discussion and practical guidelines for dealing with the most critical concerns of managers and executives today. The business issues selected for coverage are those that firms of all sizes must successfully address to remain competitive in the global markets of the 1990s. Separate chapters examine such topics as drug testing and treatment programs, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, workplace safety, protecting proprietary and confidential information, marketing and advertising issues, insider trading and securities laws, and more. Special care has been taken to incorporate the most current developments, including recent Supreme Court decisions that will affect business firms' responses in the areas of punitive damages, business speech, age and sex discrimination, the environment, and a myriad of employer and employee rights and responsibilities. Some 1,000 references are included, making this the most complete one-volume resource of its kind available. In addition to executives and managers, the book will also be of significant value to corporate attorneys and board members as well as to students in management and business programs.

The Business Of Bioscience

RRP $237.80

My journey into this fascinating field of biotechnology started about 26 years ago at a small biotechnology company in South San Francisco called Genentech. I was very fortunate to work for the company that begat the biotech industry during its formative years. This experience established a solid foundation from which I could grow in both the science and business of biotechnology. After my fourth year of working on Oyster Point Boulevard, a close friend and colleague left Genentech to join a start-up biotechnology company. Later, he approached me to leave and join him in of all places - Oklahoma. He persisted for at least a year before I seriously considered his proposal. After listening to their plans, the opportunity suddenly became more and more intriguing. Finally, I took the plunge and joined this ent- preneurial team in cofounding and growing a start-up biotechnology company. Making that fateful decision to leave the security of a larger company was extremely difficult, but it turned out to be the beginning of an entrepreneurial career that forever changed how I viewed the biotechnology industry. Since that time, I have been fortunate to have cofounded two other biotechnology com- nies and even participated in taking one of them public. During my career in these start-ups, I held a variety of positions, from directing the science, operations, regulatory, and marketing components, to subsequently becoming CEO.


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